A 70’s girl..(The decade, not the age!!)

Whilst doing a spot of early Christmas shopping this afternoon, I was thrilled to come across gorgeous little bottles of ‘4711 Eau de Cologne’… Tiny, perfectly designed little bottles with the beautiful gold and blue (teal??..more of an 80’s colour!!) label. This bottle has a gold and red cap…..so so perfect.

Surely for every girl of the 70’s this was the one scent we all had… I don’t think I knew of any others till I was much older and started to take notice of such things. Today I actually don’t wear any perfumes, but couldn’t resist this afternoon buying 3 little bottles for my daughters…they were just too cute! (The perfume …not my daughters….although yes they are very cute also!)

“4711 “…written in the lovely font they used , is an Eau de Cologne. I don’t even know what that actually means..but in my mind I think of it as being a perfume you can be quite liberal in splashing on yourself..Not so precious as a Chanel no 5….so there can be more of the splashing, less of the dabbing.

Describing the scent of 4711, is quite tricky… it’s not floral or spice driven…kind of a women’s perfume combined with a great men’s aftershave!…odd. But it brings to mind summer, and showers after a day at the beach. (I think there was an episode of Seinfeld when Kramer invented a perfume that smelt of the beach…well 4711 isn’t that scent !)

img_5403 Anyway… I will give each of my daughters a little bottle  when I get home… they can either use it..or just sit it on the shelf. Either way, I shall enjoy the scent of it, or the gorgeous look of it…..they don’t make em like that anymore, but I’ll be happy to have it around again… happy splashing!!