Keeping it fun….

I’ve already written about how important the small things in life are… it’s the little things that make the days enjoyable and keep you smiling.

It might be a single flower in the garden ..( the less you have, the more you treasure them, and being no gardener ..I treasure each bloom!), or the way your weirdo dogs both look at you,  the ‘fun moments’ can make you smile.

My daughter Chloe and I have an ongoing “fun moment”….

One day more than a year ago, my husband and younger daughter returned from a Saturday morning Garage Sale Hunt, with a number of strange objects. Old boxing gloves, which I didn’t like… some coloured glassware, which I did like… and a very odd little statuette of an old Chinese Man, ..which I really didn’t like!!

Who buys stuff like that?..(well…obviously my husband and daughter..)

Anyway, instead of being thrown out immediately, the boxing gloves got to hang around for another year before finally being thrown out..the glassware was cleaned, and displayed with other beautiful coloured glass we had collected….but the little  old Chinese man has made Chloe and myself smile many times.

We developed this game , ( I can’t even remember why?), where we take turns in putting the little statue in different places that the other person will discover . There’s no time limit, it may take days or weeks for him to be discovered, and he has spent time in bathroom cupboards, under pillows, in undies drawers, or perched high on shelves surveying the scene around him.  The last week has found him sitting, swinging silently in a hanging brass bowl in Chloe’s bedroom, his little hand waving, waving, his eyes only just peeping out above the rim….patiently waiting, waiting to be discovered and smiled at again.

It was only today that I knew that Chloe had rescued him from his ‘home for the last week’, and given him a new home. I seriously hope he hasn’t been there for long, ( I have been away for a couple of days, and hate to think of him being uncomfortable in his abode of late….standing bravely between the Golden Syrup and the chilled bottle of water, in the shelf on the fridge door!!

Seriously it is the most interesting thing I’ve seen in our fridge for weeks….. but once again he served his purpose and made me smile when I discovered him there.

I’ll make sure he goes somewhere warm to recover….


Day 6…Small joys..Generous neighbours!

Having great neighbours is always a joy, and we are very lucky to be surrounded by them.Thank you to one of our generous neighbours for supplying us with berries throughout the lucky are we. Has been a small joy each time another full container arrives for us. Straight from the bowl, made into muffins, or whizzed into smoothies, been delicious all summer.  Thanks neighbour…xx


Fresh berries delivered today by our lovely neighbour..

Day 5..Small joys..Bunch of flowers!!

This morning we wandered over to Farmers Markets , came home with the usual Saturday fare of fish for dinner, and oysters for this afternoon. A punnet of blackberries, and these beautiful flowers for the house…am changing from my usual choices of white to something more colourful….have to make you joyful!


Proteas, Paper daisies and Echinacea…so pretty…and hopefully will last for a week or so..

Day 4…Lemon Tea Cake, (that has to be a small joy)

This year I’m determined to do more baking, more regularly. Today I’ve baked an old fashion Lemon Tea cake from a recipe found in “The Commonsense Cookery Book.” This was the cookbook we used in Home Economics back in High School in the 80’s . Such basic, but great recipes…. Some that I use often are,  Apple cake, Pikelets, Anzacs, and Chocolate  Coconut Slice…. The savoury recipes are a little old fashion, and I don’t think I’ll ever be cooking Simmered Mutton, or Fricasseed Tripe and Onion… However the Lemon Tea Cake will be a lovely addition to our weekend….a small joy.




A challenge to find the small joys each day..

I read on someone’s Facebook page the other day how they were setting themselves a challenge to photograph “a beautiful thing each day”… Thought it was a lovely idea so have copied it from them, and set myself the same challenge…. Will see if I can do it every day for the next 7 days…

Here’s Day 1 …. “A Gazania in the garden”