My Fresh start to the year…

It’s already February, but I’ve been working on this plan of mine for a month now…. How to downsize the amount of “Stuff” we have in this house, and then how to keep the “Stuff” we decide to keep, more organised….

I know I get this ‘need to clean’ at the beginning of every year…It’s a case of…. “when the kids go back to school I’ll attack that cupboard/room/shed, whatever and get it organised..”

In the past I have cleaned out stuff in this way, and moved round the house doing each room, however  it seemed that once I’d finished the last room/cupboard, the first one was back to messy again! I was really just storing things in different places…moving stuff around the house.

Anyway…so…over the holidays I read Marie Kondos books on tidying.

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising.”


“”Spark Joy. An illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organising and Tidying up.”

She is a declutterering and tidying expert. Admittedly her little home in Japan is probably 1/4 the size of our home so to maintain tidiness in such a small space would be a necessity, however I reckon the same rules apply.

The principles of her work that appeal to me most are..

1: If a thing doesn’t bring you joy when you look at it or touch it..Throw it out! Why fill your home with things you really feel kind of “Blah” about…

2: Don’t feel bad about throwing things away…even if it was a gift from someone…just appreciate the thought that went into it , thank the gift for the pleasure it gave you when receiving it, and then let it go… its very freeing!!!

3: With the things you do decide to keep in your house, have respect for them by storing them neatly, and returning them to their storage place when you’ve finished using them.

4: Its no good organising one cupboard /room at a time. Its best to organise by category..gather everything of one type from everywhere in the house and that will give you an idea of just how much of one thing you are cluttering your house with…Think of pencils and pens,… if you went into every room/bag/drawer and got them all together..I reckon there would be more than you could ever use!!  Why so many??..I mean how much joy can 20 pencils the same shade of red really bring to your life???? Times that by every colour and that’s a lot of pencils!!!  I also think the 10 pair of child safe little scissors the kids used in Kindergarten can probably be thrown out..I think we can all cope with grown up scissors now!!

There are lots of other “pearls of wisdom” the books have given me…and theres’ a long way to go before things are organised as I’d like them to be. Also coming to terms that you cannot really tidy someones else stuff is frustrating for me, but I’m hoping the kids might see how nice it is to have things organised , and they may be able to do a bit for themselves… But at the moment I’m just happy with the “joy” I feel when I open a drawer and everything is in it’s proper little place.

Its a big life , but the small joys make it wonderful!!


Storing clothes by folding in a different way and storing in boxes… Has really changed our wardrobe!!