Day 6…Small joys..Generous neighbours!

Having great neighbours is always a joy, and we are very lucky to be surrounded by them.Thank you to one of our generous neighbours for supplying us with berries throughout the lucky are we. Has been a small joy each time another full container arrives for us. Straight from the bowl, made into muffins, or whizzed into smoothies, been delicious all summer.  Thanks neighbour…xx


Fresh berries delivered today by our lovely neighbour..

Day 4…Lemon Tea Cake, (that has to be a small joy)

This year I’m determined to do more baking, more regularly. Today I’ve baked an old fashion Lemon Tea cake from a recipe found in “The Commonsense Cookery Book.” This was the cookbook we used in Home Economics back in High School in the 80’s . Such basic, but great recipes…. Some that I use often are,  Apple cake, Pikelets, Anzacs, and Chocolate  Coconut Slice…. The savoury recipes are a little old fashion, and I don’t think I’ll ever be cooking Simmered Mutton, or Fricasseed Tripe and Onion… However the Lemon Tea Cake will be a lovely addition to our weekend….a small joy.