For my girls leaving school..

The girls have 4 days of official school left..Graduation and formal will be later in the year, but there are 4 more days of actually getting up and going to school.

It would be good if on that last day of school, a switch was flicked which would allow them to drop the dramas of school life, and move on to be a responsible adult in the real world. When you are in Year 12, you can’t imagine how much life will change once you leave. It is unimaginable that friends you have now, may not be your friends forever. Unimaginable that everyone is on the brink of going in different directions..

If our girls choose a gap year, or travel, or head to university…that will be there choice. We will support them whatever they want to do..the most I can hope is that whatever they decide to do , they commit to it, and do it well. But there are some things I want for them…

I want them to be happy, but I want them to know that they will be unhappy sometimes too.

I want them to be safe, but I really want them to find adventures also.

I want them to have enough money that they can live well, but I want them to know what it’s like to have to budget and spend wisely.

I want them to have the things they want, but I also want them to have to work for those things, so they appreciate them .

I want them to have good friends, but I want them to know it’s ok to be alone at times too.

I want them to be liked, but to know that it’s ok, not everyone is going to like you.

I want them to find their own style, but I want them to know that it doesn’t define them, they can dress like a hippy one day, and a Kardashian the next, it’s meant to be fun!

However there are some things I just want for them…no options.

I REALLY want them to have a job they enjoy, and have a passion for. If they can’t find one, then I want them to make it happen for themselves and start their own business.

I REALLY want them to learn to cook well. I want them to know what foods go together, what herbs to put in what, and how to get the timing right so that the roast lamb is ready at the same time as the roast potatoes….it’s a skill!!

I REALLY want them to appreciate that a tidy house can be satisfying but requires a lot of effort. Keep on top of it and it won’t be so stressful. Clean the kitchen before you go to bed every night..makes for a much better start to the day. And make your bed each morning..makes for a nicer end to the day.

I REALLY want them to trust their instincts, not everyone out there is as nice as they first appear. Learn to read people, and don’t let just anyone into your life.

I REALLY want them to respect themselves, and never doubt that they deserve to be treated well …always.

I REALLY want them to have a loving, caring partner, someone as great as their Dad is!

I REALLY want them to know that family is the most important thing, and we will always be here…no matter what.

Now I know they will probably never read this, (how embarrassing to read something your Mum has written!), and I am sure they don’t want to be sat down and be spoken to….but who knows, one day in many years to come, they might come across it, and I hope that all my wishes for them have come true. But just in case girls, I may whisper all this into your ear when you are next asleep!!….so listen carefully!!