If it makes you feel good..wear it!!

Fashion has always been fun for me…it’s fun for every female in my  family actually, and if you were to look in our wardrobes you would find every brand from Zimmerman to Zara, Camilla to Cotton On, Trent Nathan to Target…we are not fussy, just choosy!

Each of us have different styles, but we all enjoy how clothes can make you feel, and when you have somewhere special to go, preparing the outfit is half the fun.

And so it was last weekend as my twins  prepared to go the Black Opal Raceday.

There was much to consider…the clothes, the shoes, the bag, the jewellery, the hair, and the makeup. To some it is all completely trivial..and yes, in the scheme of things it IS SOOO trivial. But it is also fun…SOOO fun!! It’s part of the enjoyment of the day. getting ready, putting on something new, and heading out the door..feeling good.

My girls were not intending to enter Fashions in the Field, so the restrictions of Classical Racewear didn’t need to be followed..no need for gloves, or intricate headwear.  Their choice of what to wear was large. But their time frame to choose was not.

IMG_1278 2Weeks, and weeks in which to organise an outfit, but of course things were left to a couple days before, but time has never daunted us…when needed, we can pull together an outfit in the blink of an eye..at the last moment, and still look fabulous.

A mixture of new, and old pieces, borrowed from a sister, or found in an Op shop..all go together to create the perfect outfit.

Anyway, the girls looked beautiful, individual styles, both very different, but both true to themselves, with something about their ‘looks’ that was just them.

As I get older, what I wear of course has changed, (ummm ..had to!!, for numerous annoying reasons), but my attitude to fashion has changed also. Nowadays I try to only wear what I feel really good in…there’s no day where I just throw something on, and think it’ll do . Even if I’m at home for the day, I try to put on something that makes me feel good. ( Daggy gardening clothes can still make me feel good, but only if I’m out in the garden, actually getting stuff done…and I  always put on some earrings for a bit of bling!)

My wardrobe is very different nowadays than it was a couple years ago. I’m much more selective of what’s in there. If I haven’t worn it all season, it needs to go!! (Well except for a couple of things I just can’t throw out… Just keep telling myself my girls will think it’s great in 20 years time..)

When I’m buying something, I tend to look now for things that are either kind of classic, OR quite different. Opposites, but when teamed together usually they work. I could never go completely classic.. not my style.. but a good leather belt, or little black slip ons, will always go well with a ripped pair of jeans, or a hippy off the shoulder blouse.

People underestimate just how clothes can make you feel. It shouldn’t be a case of grabbing whatever out of the drawer and putting it on…it’s important to know what shape clothing looks good on you, what length, what colours. Generally if you put it on and think to yourself, “That looks pretty good”..then others will think so too.. And of course when you are looking fabulous heading off to the Races, or anywhere special…take a photo..just to prove how fabulous you look!!

4 thoughts on “If it makes you feel good..wear it!!

  1. Thanks for this post, Amanda. The girls looked fantastic for race day. And I enjoyed your reflections. For the past few months, I’ve been asking myself – is OK that I love clothes as much at 50 as I did at 20? (Even though, at 20, my idea of style was big shoulder pads, scrunchy hair and baggy jeans… but I had a lot of fun!)

    I am always learning new things about clothes. And making mistakes – lots of them. But when I see a woman my age or older taking a risk and pulling it off, I think ‘good on you!’. My 80-year-old French aunt turned up to Christmas in gold high-tops and acres of necklaces. She looked amazing. She reminded me of the iconic Iris Apfel, the famous New Yorker who is still killin’ it stylewise at 95 years of age. (I recommend anyone interested in fashion, of any age, watch the movie about her, ‘Iris’, for inspiration).

    To be honest, I have days (sometimes weeks) where I hate my clothes and nothing works right. I also suffered the humiliation of going to a ‘clothes swap’ party last year women in their 30s and watching them look 200 per cent better than I did in my own clothes. On the plus side, it did make me critically evaluate my wardrobe when I got home, and get rid of things that just didn’t work anymore. I am a huge fan of reworking and altering clothes; it’s a way of holding on to favourites for longer.

    Overall, have reached very much the same conclusion as you, Amanda. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, if it makes you feel good, wear it! And if it doesn’t – move it along, darlink!


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