What’s for Dinner?..

How do you get your kids to start cooking dinner?  I want them to, they say they want to learn how to, but how does it actually happen.

I think I’ve missed the boat with them, and I’m so disappointed in myself.

I have prepared (and I say this quite boastfully!), pretty amazing home cooked meals for them ever since they were babies, they are always very appreciative, and are all great eaters…no fussiness…but not great cooks yet!

One is pretty good at making cakes, bikkies etc, and can follow a recipe from scratch whilst I relax feet up on the couch (not actually!!)…but unless I am out of town for the night..no one offers to cook dinner! (Except husband, who manages occasionally on a weekend)…however he is excused, he works his butt off each day to earn the cash to buy the food, to make the dinners…he absolutely should not have to cook it as well! But as for the others….. I can’t think of any excuses really.

But there always seems to be one.

“I don’t know what to cook!”..me either.

“I haven’t got time!”…me neither.

“I’ve got an assignment due!”…me too.

“There’s nothing in the fridge!”…then go to the shop.

“I don’t know how!”…. then learn.

I wonder whether one day, they will eventually turn a page in a recipe book and a little Oven timer in their head will go “Ding!!” and they will say “Yes!..I am going to learn to cook that!”…. or whether all my recipe books will remain gathering floury dust on the shelf…never to be flicked through by any of them….surely not.


I love to cook, which is why I slap myself with the wooden spoon for not sitting them up in their high chairs each night in front of the stove while I was preparing their dinners. As they grew , why did I not get them to chop stuff up, stir a bubbling pot, and measure out a cup of something…. ?  sounds so logical looking back at it. Guess I was busy, doing other stuff that mums do…. but I’ll always feel a little bit sad about it… (one of those should have…could have.. regretful moments.)

So.. it’s usually me doing the deciding, preparation, and cooking each night.

As littlies, they would be fed before their Dad got home from work. Nowadays, it’s them who are home late from work, arriving even after their Dad, so our dinners are served much later as we usually wait for us all to be together.

We don’t eat at the dining table that often, maybe a couple nights a week…but generally we are in front of the TV. It doesn’t concern me too much, we are still together, we still talk as we eat. We still pour each other a drink, or pass each other the bread.

Maybe once they move out of home, the whole love of cooking thing will kick in. I live in hope that I will get the call..”Mum, how do you cook that Lamb Pastie, Sausage Gnocchi, ….Stir Fry Chicken and Noodles…?”, and how amazing it would be to go to their house and have them cook dinner for me…. now that’s a delicious thought.

5 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?..

  1. OMG so true!! My kids are totally disinterested in cooking so I’ve obviously missed that boat too which, as a fellow mum who loves to cook, is so sad. Truth is when they were little it was all about getting something good on the table as quickly as possible before the ‘arsenic hour’ tears and tanties started – who had time (or, let’s face it, patience) to let little hands and fingers get involved in making a meal? Helping them ‘make’ a few biscuits on the occasional weekend was all I could cope with. I know some parents manage it and all power to them but I’m with you in hoping that one day my kids will suddenly be inspired to want to cook, even if only for self preservation if and when they ever move out. To this end I have told them they have to do home economics (do they still call it that??) when it becomes an option at school – no ifs, buts or maybe’s!! 🙂

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  2. Home Economics..now “Food Tech” set me up with some really basic but necessary cooking skills, and life skills in general. ..

    * how to cream butter and sugar
    * how to make a béchamel sauce
    * how to tidy up along the way
    * how to present it all nicely.

    I remember we had to bring in from home a tablecloth and centrepiece etc, it was all part of the marking of our dish. Can’t say my kids have ever done that at school!


  3. Darling. I can’t remember you cooking much at home either. Except those special anniversary dinners you all prepared for dad and I They were great. Believe me it will happen xx


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