Trying to get back to it…

It has been ages since I have blogged about anything..and there are may reasons for my lack of words.

1:   I’m just kind of lazy..(not much more to say about that!..)

2:   I’m really not that interesting..(don’t worry, I have a pretty healthy self esteem, just not that many interesting things happen in my life)

3:  I get caught up in all the other stuff that goes on in our home. I am the “keeper of all knowledge, for 5 people!!”

4:  I have been studying online and have 2 units go..(once I’ve been on the laptop with that a couple hours each day, it’s kind of enough screen time.)

5:   I have difficulty in being the type blogger that easily gives details of all the weird stuff that goes in a family …I mean there are plenty of arguments, discussions, messes, and annoyances that go on, and I’m sure it would make really interesting reading, but I’m just not that comfortable in “hanging out the dirty laundry” so to speak. and I’m pretty sure my kids and husband would not be that appreciative.

6:  I don’t feel that entitled to write about worldwide events..yes, I have views on stuff like world politics, refugees, the environment, and social issues..but does anyway want to actually know what they are?…

Those reasons aside , I really love the writing aspect of a blog, and so I need to make some decisions of what it is I’m writing for. I think there will be times where there’s something specific I want to write about, but I also think I enjoy writing about just what’s happened that day….

Soooo…I think that’s what I’ll have a go at….just the daily stuff….. the normal things I do each day,  the things I find beautiful, and annoying. I may include links to other stuff I love as well, maybe a recipe or two that has worked really well, or something else that’s been created by myself or someone else in the family…I don’t want it to be too twee!! I’m not that sort of person, and it certainly isn’t “cutsie, sweetville, everythings beautiful” in our life, but I just don’t think I can go the edgy, ‘spill the beans’ on everyone kind of route. It would make for good reading …(cause it would be funny)…but NAH!!

So, everyday stuff it is…will see how that goes…but I am going to try really hard to write something every couple days…Write On!

2 thoughts on “Trying to get back to it…

  1. Welcome back – you’ve been missed! It’s the everyday stuff that resonates the most – that’s where we’re all at (so it’s relatable) and it’s always interesting to hear how others cope with daily life so just keep writing and write about what interests you, that’s all you have to do – we have the choice to read it or not. My kids bag me out about how many pics I post on my (very limited followers) Instagram account and say it’s not interesting to other people but that’s not the point – it’s what’s interesting to me and it’s about the little things in my day that I notice and get joy or inspiration from. It’s the same for you – it’s just the medium of expression that’s different. xx


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