All by myself….

Families are great…I love them!!! They are our reason for being…as mums and dads we live for them, we do stuff for them, we cater to them, we try and organise stuff they will enjoy…holidays, food, clean clothes, etc, etc.. As a parent , your head is constantly full of plans, ideas, timetables, scheduling, so the family will work as a unit, and everybody will get done, and have what they need, when they need it..and mostly it works pretty well. There will always be the occasional lost item, the occasional hiccup in routine, the occasional thing that just didn’t go to plan…but generally the mums and dads of this world have it sussed…all organised , and things work well..

But people….we all know that the way a family functions is not due to just good luck!! No…it is all down to the excellent ‘filing systems‘ that are within the head of every parent.. They are like the secretary at a school..they know everything and everyone..and if they decide to have a day off…that school is going to be quite rudderless for the day.

There will be no one to answer the questions like

  • “Where is the….?”,
  • “What time do I have to ….?”
  • “Can you ….?”
  • “How do I ….?”

As parents we are totally used to answering all the questions, everyday, no matter how many there are, or how tricky they are…we just shuffle through the filing system and voila..out comes the answer, (not always the right one…but at least it’s an answer).

Our minds are full of everyone else’s  business…there isn’t that much room in there for our own thoughts, or that much time to do the stuff we actually just choose to do, rather than have to do.

I had a day and a half totally all to myself last week. I stayed by myself, went walking by myself, cooked for myself, went to the beach by myself.img_5471

There was absolutely no one else to do anything for, to organise stuff for, to find things for,  or even to talk to, it was really weird…but really great !!!

My whole day and night was totally mine…I didn’t have to do anything to suit anyone else, or even consult anyone else. It was fantastic!

However, not for a minute would I want to do it all the time .! I was very aware of how little I had talked.. at home I’m talking all the time, even if it’s just to the dogs…they are excellent conversationists! But by the end of my day spent  by myself, the silence was kind of deafening ….

True…the fact that I had time to think my own thoughts for a few hours was really refreshing…. but for now, I’m happy with everyone else’s crazy thoughts taking up space in my head..any more than a day by myself and I’d probably run out of things to think!!




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