Naturally Talented…

Sometimes people just blow you away with how quietly talented they are, and just how lovely the ‘creations’ that result from this talent can be.

You meet them, you become friends, then you discover (without them telling you)..that they are madly talented in some amazing way.

I have a friend who is incredibly smart, and should be writing  amazing best sellers, another who if she so chose, could run a multi million dollar company with her organising skills,  another  who would give Jamie Oliver a run for his money, another who could style anyone into a ‘Kardashian like celebrity’…..and yet they all go about their lives quietly, raising their families, sometimes working outside the home, ALWAYS working in the home, and being part of our community.

I also have a friend who is putting her wonderful talent out into the world…thank goodness !

Samorn is a beautiful mum, of two equally beautiful daughters. As well as being totally devoted to them….she also creates the most gorgeous fabrics through the use of Natural Dyes.

Flowers, leaves, fruit, vegetables (much of it in a decomposing  state), rusty nails,  buckets….soaking, sun, wind, and rain….silks and linens….all of these things are the starting points for her beautiful creations.

To quote Samorn , (who was quoting Arthur Ashe)….

“Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can…”

Her beautiful creations are proof that beautiful things don’t have to be complicated, you don’t need heaps of materials to get started. Think simply, think naturally, use what’s around you…and the results can be outstandingly lovely.

My family are always rolling their eyes at me when I drag another fallen tree branch into the house to use as decoration, ….

“OH MY GOD MUM..did you seriously drag that down the street…how embarrassing?!?”

I admit it….I love a windy day…fallen branches are like treasure to me!!…. When a tree was recently cut down in our front yard, I had to stop myself from  telling the tree guys …..”Just leave those branches ..I’ll keep them all!!”…I’m still regretting not keeping enough to fill the fireplace during summer!

I’ll come back from a walk with a handful of Gum leaves that I’ve picked up from the ground..but once placed in just the right spot in the house ….these simple things can look ‘as good‘ if not better than any bunch of flowers bought in shop…( Although I will never say no to the occasional bought flowers !)  Unless they are Gerberas..then sorry ..but I’m saying no to them!….I’m not a fan..

Start thinking of using some Natural stuff in your home.. stuff you find in the environment close to your house… you may not be as gorgeously talented as Samorn, but hey..anyone can drag a branch inside….hang a scarf or a candle in a glass jar on it …and voila…Naturally talented!!!

You can check out the beautiful creations of my friend Samorn on her Instagram page… Samorn_saxinay

                                    Images retrieved from Samorn_saxinay with her permission.

4 thoughts on “Naturally Talented…

  1. Beautiful post. Missed your voice in the blogosphere – welcome back!
    PS I hope you have counted yourself as one of the quietly talented – no-one does decor like you do and I hope one day you share that talent with the world. Happy to be your first customer! 🙂


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