When you add it all up….

I think I have always been able to see the small joys in life…and I’ve always tried to point these things out to my kids as we are out and about. Whether it be a ladybug on a post, or  the greenness of the school oval, they are beautiful things that should be recognised.

We all get consumed by the normal, everyday stuff, but  I think we all have small joys that happen everyday, its just that sometimes they get lost by not being completely obvious. If you can make a point of acknowledging them quietly to yourself then I think they become more and more obvious. If you can share them with someone else even better. They might think it’s odd that you would comment on something such as the “lovely smoothness of a gumtree trunk” , but it might just open their eyes to the next lovely thing they come across during the day. Maybe not…but you never know!

If I look at the things I commented on over the last 7 days…it makes my life look pretty good, (which I know it is!)… My week was filled with flowers, good food, and achievements… some of the necessities of life..lucky me.!!

JPEG image-9DA7DA8B3827-1




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