The perfectly organised world that is IKEA..

As I’ve said previously there has been a major clean out of ‘stuff’ in our house, and because of this the house truly does feel lighter, and much less overwhelming. It really does seem easier to get a quick tidy up done each evening and morning. Each time I open a drawer, and ‘MOST ‘of the cupboards (still some to do), there seems to be a sense of organisation and general tidiness that I hadn’t felt was there before… that’s a good thing.

It still needs to be maintained however, and this is something we all struggle with, things need to be put back after being used…and if you get out a piece of clothing and then decide it’s not what you want to wear …then it still needs to be folded and put back, not scrunched up and thrown on top of the nicely folded stuff. Only takes a few seconds people…I’m sure you/we can do it!!!! Things don’t organise themselves!

You could be fooled into thinking that they do, as you wander round the beautifully organised world that is the IKEA shop!! LOVE IT!! However I do realise that unless you put things away into the lovely storage bits n’s never going to look like it does in the shop.. That still doesn’t lessen the enjoyment felt by simply wandering around and marvelling at the way a whole houseful of “stuff” can be contained in an area not much bigger than 5m².

I am aware of the contradiction of the IKEA store as being a beacon of simplistic minimalism, and yet I go there to get ‘more stuff’ for my house that really doesn’t need ‘more stuff’!! But it’s simply impossible not to be lured by the temptations that are on display!

Don’t be distracted..” I say to myself as I follow the path with the arrows.

You have a list.. stick to it!

But look, it’s only $2.99…amazing!“….I need it.

and so it goes….. And on leaving the shop we have a trolley full of things.

In my defence though, all of it was put to use as soon as we got home and looks great! And I’m looking forward to my next visit…mmm…I think I need a container to put all the chargers and cords in that gather on the kitchen bench…I’m sure that will be the answer to all my organisational worries!!!..until I think of the next thing!


A trolley full of hopeful ideals..






When you add it all up….

I think I have always been able to see the small joys in life…and I’ve always tried to point these things out to my kids as we are out and about. Whether it be a ladybug on a post, or  the greenness of the school oval, they are beautiful things that should be recognised.

We all get consumed by the normal, everyday stuff, but  I think we all have small joys that happen everyday, its just that sometimes they get lost by not being completely obvious. If you can make a point of acknowledging them quietly to yourself then I think they become more and more obvious. If you can share them with someone else even better. They might think it’s odd that you would comment on something such as the “lovely smoothness of a gumtree trunk” , but it might just open their eyes to the next lovely thing they come across during the day. Maybe not…but you never know!

If I look at the things I commented on over the last 7 days…it makes my life look pretty good, (which I know it is!)… My week was filled with flowers, good food, and achievements… some of the necessities of life..lucky me.!!

JPEG image-9DA7DA8B3827-1




Day 6…Small joys..Generous neighbours!

Having great neighbours is always a joy, and we are very lucky to be surrounded by them.Thank you to one of our generous neighbours for supplying us with berries throughout the lucky are we. Has been a small joy each time another full container arrives for us. Straight from the bowl, made into muffins, or whizzed into smoothies, been delicious all summer.  Thanks neighbour…xx


Fresh berries delivered today by our lovely neighbour..

Day 5..Small joys..Bunch of flowers!!

This morning we wandered over to Farmers Markets , came home with the usual Saturday fare of fish for dinner, and oysters for this afternoon. A punnet of blackberries, and these beautiful flowers for the house…am changing from my usual choices of white to something more colourful….have to make you joyful!


Proteas, Paper daisies and Echinacea…so pretty…and hopefully will last for a week or so..

Day 4…Lemon Tea Cake, (that has to be a small joy)

This year I’m determined to do more baking, more regularly. Today I’ve baked an old fashion Lemon Tea cake from a recipe found in “The Commonsense Cookery Book.” This was the cookbook we used in Home Economics back in High School in the 80’s . Such basic, but great recipes…. Some that I use often are,  Apple cake, Pikelets, Anzacs, and Chocolate  Coconut Slice…. The savoury recipes are a little old fashion, and I don’t think I’ll ever be cooking Simmered Mutton, or Fricasseed Tripe and Onion… However the Lemon Tea Cake will be a lovely addition to our weekend….a small joy.




A challenge to find the small joys each day..

I read on someone’s Facebook page the other day how they were setting themselves a challenge to photograph “a beautiful thing each day”… Thought it was a lovely idea so have copied it from them, and set myself the same challenge…. Will see if I can do it every day for the next 7 days…

Here’s Day 1 …. “A Gazania in the garden”