Santa Photos….

I think I’ve got about one day of solid, serious, Christmas shopping to go, and then I’ll be done. Everyone ticked off and accounted for. For some reason (which is great!), it has been pretty easy this year , just a good year for ideas on what to get…

As our girls have got older it ‘must have been’ trickier and trickier for Santa to come up with ideas for them. The amount of presents may have decreased, but I guess this is balanced out by the worth of the presents….even Santa has a limit! And I guess one Mimco purse is balanced out by 3 toys….You’ve got to admire Santa’s choices each year, everyone seems to be pretty happy each Christmas morning…how does he do it!! What a champion…good on you Santa!

Still a few things to be ticked off though..Firstly get a photo taken with Santa and the girls.

Simply finding the time to get them all together for an hour is a task in itself nowadays.. Someone is either working, or heading out with friends, or has something much more important to do than please their mum by having a photo taken with Santa.  Such a simple request!!

There’s a few year gaps in our Santa photos,which start with the twins first one in 1997. Those gaps are so annoying…I can’t explain why there are no photos for the years 1998 and 1999. It should have been easy to get 1 and then 2 year olds to have a photo, (what else did they have to do??) but who knows why we didn’t!!

2004, 2009, 2012  also must have been a bad year to organise everyone, as there are no photos for those years sadly!!… Who knows?? I have to congratulate my sister , I think she has a photo of her girls for every year…good job!!

Anyway, I will attempt to gather them together and get one done before we head off on holidays next week.

Apart from that , this week will see the girls attend their Graduation Ceremonies for Yr 12 and Yr 6. Then school will be totally done for the year..Yay! We can all kick back then and enjoy a little bit of holiday time, before coming home and helping the twins make plans for the rest of their lives…what to do, what to do??  Oh well, we will think about that around February. Still have Christmas to get to yet!!


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