I am not a fan of the American tradition of Halloween, and have argued  (and failed, and now given in!!) with my children about how  it is not a celebration we need to participate in here in Australia. However, as Americans get together and celebrate “Thanksgiving” today , it would be nice if we had a similar holiday here. I’d be happy to participate in that one!

I think it would be great to have a day where everyone was able to spend a few minutes giving thanks for the beautiful things in their life.   Actually saying them out loud in front of family and friends would make it even more self affirming. Or do they only do that in the movies??  As my knowledge of Thanksgiving is only made up of images of perfectly gorgeous movie families, in ridiculously gorgeous houses, with a stylishly dressed ‘Diane Keaton’ type of mother… I may have a slightly biased “Hollywood created”, view of what makes up Thanksgiving. But it would be nice if it could actually be like that.

I know that Gratitude Diaries have been a big thing ever since Oprah brought them to the world…but I’ve never committed to one. But I do know that there are many, many things I could write in one. As it comes up to the Christmas season, and our home starts to feel Christmassy with decorations being brought out of storage and dusted off, it now seems the perfect time to reflect on what our family has to be thankful for… and there’s a lot!

I actually started thinking of these things the other day when I was ironing, and listening to Robbie Williams ..(of whom I’m extremely thankful for!!!). In his very famous song “Angels” there’s a line where he says ….

“..and I know I’ll always be blessed with love..”

(I’m going to write that on a canvas and hang it up somewhere)

..I love that line…It sums up both my husband and my families. We are so lucky that whatever else happens in our lives , that line from the song will ALWAYS apply to all of us. How thankful I am that that is the case, and how amazing is it that I know that it applies to all the  children in our families, and will do their whole lives. It breaks my heart that that is not the case for all children.

At this crazy time in the world, I am thankful for many others things in my life , such as the sheer “normality” of our lives, bought about by the luck of the draw in living where we live. How ‘thankful’ I am for that.

So, while I won’t be cooking the turkey , or expecting people on my doorstep, as it gently snows..(always seems to in the movies!!)…as I dress our house for Christmas , I will be taking just a moment to think about the things I am Thankful for. … I hope you can too..

Happy Thanksgiving …..


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