All those shiny, happy faces up on stage…..

Last night we attended a Concert Band performance that involved our youngest daughter, our older two had participated in Concert Bands from year 5 till year 10, and this next daughter is following in their footsteps. For us, this means another 4 years of Band performances!!!

We are truly lucky that here in the ACT , our children have had the chance to be in these bands due to the ACT Instrumental Music Program, and I thank the teachers for their dedication and love of sharing music with the children.

The actual shows always go on for too long, but I understand they get few opportunities to perform in public, so when one arises, ‘every band and their dog’ wants to play as many pieces as they can possible fit in. I get that! But in reality every parent really just wants to see their own child perform and then make a speedy exit. But come on people…have the decency to stay and watch the other kids that have tried just as hard as your child. Don’t get up and leave once your school has finished, show some manners and stay…. ANYWAY…..!

Sitting in the audience watching kids on stage always has the same effect on me. Just looking around at all their faces often crazily brings tears to my eyes, and when I say often, I mean EVERYTIME! It doesn’t even have to be kids I know….any kid will do! And when I look at 100 shiny faces sitting there, doing their best to play the flute or the tuba….it’s a beautiful thing.

Thinking of all those children, from 100 different families, 100 different background situations all working together to make the band sound wonderful, is so great! I know from experience with my own kids, that some of the kids will be absolutely loving every minute of it, and playing music will be their  passion, whilst others will be struggling, perhaps even missing a few notes and bluffing their way through. But in the end it doesn’t really matter, cause it’s the “being part of a group ” that makes it so wonderful for them.

What is gorgeous in these Concert bands is that the kids get to see that if each of them does their own small bit, it can come together in the end to sound amazing!! From their start at the beginning of Year 5, where most did not even know how to read music, and now for 100 twelve year olds to bang out a song together, is truly an incredible thing.

As the year comes to an end, there will be 1000s of ‘End of Year Performances’ happening around schools everywhere. Don’t miss them parents , as they are so beautiful! The combination of children on stage, and music cannot help but make you feel good, and if it’s a great song, combined with photos of the year gone by representing  kids leaving Year 6 or year 12, then I dare you not to get just a little bit teary!!

I know the sound is terrible, but tried to record this without being too obvious…what could be more beautiful than a bunch of 12 yr olds, (think of how they are normally!!) coming together to concentrate long enough to play “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King!!!! I’m crying just remembering it!!!








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