We have visitors and it hasn’t stopped raining since they got here….

You know when you want your hometown to put on its’ best face when you have new people visiting …..well, this week Canberra has not been on board!! We have 2 boys from England and Northern Ireland here at the moment, and the sun has not shone since they arrived. So annoying….!!

But being boys from the Northern Hemisphere, it hasn’t stopped them from using the pool everyday…not something that is tempting for the rest of my family. But I am glad they have enjoyed it!

They are on a Gap year, and have been experiencing life on a sheep station in New South Wales, now a few days in Canberra before hitting Sydney and then making their way up the East Coast to the Gold Coast…

Today they visited the College where my twins are completing Year 12. I know not all schools would accommodate a couple of strangers sitting in on a lesson, but I’m sure it was interesting for them to compare it to their schools back home. A local Canberra College compared to Eton must have seemed very different.

One of the boys is the son of my cousin, and it has been nice to see the interaction between him and my daughters, with them getting to know family that lives so far away. His mum is bout the same age as me so we saw lots of each other growing up. It’s nice to keep the connection going.

However it would have been better Canberra, if you had provided sparkling days where visitors could enjoy the lake and how lovely it looks on a good day. Cloudy, and drizzly just doesn’t cut it! For our next lot of visitors I request sunny days please….

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