How could it be Friday again?

Lately Fridays seem to be coming around so, so quickly…I blink my eyes and the week has zipped past and it’s Friday again. It’s crazy!

It’s about to become November and already the calendar is full of the planned comings and goings of everyone in our family, from the 1st till the 30th there are so many things happening. And just for those in this household who will say  that they didn’t know what was happening…”Read the calendar people!” don’t say you weren’t pre warned.

Our activities for the coming month are very varied, but I am glad to say there are times when we cross paths, so there are ‘some times‘ that we will be doing ‘some things‘ together.

Tonight our youngest is off on a sleepover, she said goodbye this morning and will go straight from school, (will see her tomorrow bout lunchtime), our eldest 2 have a party tonight, (will see them tomorrow lunch time also)… Saturday night will be Halloween for the youngest , she’ll be out n about with her friends trick or treating, again the other 2 will be out at a party ..(it has been the year of the 18th birthday party).

Needless to say, husband and I will be at home, monitoring the comings and goings.Making sure everyone knows how to get where they are going, and how they will get home. “Do you need money?” ” We will get you if you need us.” ” Don’t get in a car with anyone who’s been drinking. ” “Do you need a jacket?” “What’s the address?” “Who else is going?”……There’s a million questions , (the same ones every time), but we always go through them before they head out. I am sure they give the same answers each time , but hopefully they know we go through the process because we love them.

Other activities through the month include, a mums weekend away (Yay!), tickets to Steven Fry live on stage, a school band concert, orthodontist visits, 4  x year 12 formals to prepare for, (2 are the girls own, 2 they are partnering boys from other schools), the dreaded “schoolies” trip, and of course, if the girls can manage to schedule time to actually finish Year 12,then that would be good too!

So it looks like the busy run till Christmas is already upon us, but I’ve always said that everyone needs something to look forward to… It’ll all be fine if everyone can just now and again…”Read the calendar people!”

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