The messy teenage bedroom..

What to do… when I like to have our house looking tidy, and most of the time it does…but venture past the doors of our children’s bedrooms and it’s truly, truly hideous for much of the time!…does it really matter…no!….but does it annoy me….immensely!!!

I think back to when I was a teenager and I’m sure my bedroom never got to the hideous state my daughters bedrooms do. Maybe I just don’t remember…but I really don’t think it was ever really terrible. Yes I remember having clean up sessions with my sister where we would get things back it order, but they were done and dusted in 5 minutes. To properly tidy up my daughters bedroom, takes a whole day…really!!!

Its a clash of mindsets…I believe that you function better in a tidy organised space….it has to be true!! For me to sit down and write something I need clean space, in a clean room, otherwise it just doesn’t happen. I cannot imagine sitting down in a room surrounded by mess, and attempting to write an essay…but they have shown me it can be done!  But I cannot let go of the idea that it could probably be done better in a tidy room…(I’m just saying!)

I also struggle with the concept that you can do homework with headphones in and listening to music, or having the constant buzz of a phone by your side. However apparently todays students cope perfectly well..good luck to them. I have learnt to let that one go…..but the actual state of the rooms I don’t think I will ever be able to let that go.

I get that it’s really my problem…and that I should just shut their doors and never think of it again..but it’s impossible for me! Why should it matter? I should just quickly open the door, throw their clean clothes in, and never speak of it again! Only their friends go in there, not mine. I don’t have to sit in there, or relax in there…but STILL I KNOW IT’S THERE! GRRRR!

I know there will come a day when they leave home, and their rooms will be after day after day … no bath towels on the floor, no freshly ironed clothes jumbled with ..well, NOT freshly ironed clothes. There will be a time when their beds will be beautifully made, and the pillows perfectly positioned all the time. There will be no assignments scattered everywhere except on a desk, no fake tan splotches in the bathroom, ….their bedroom doors will stay open and proud!!  I know there are ‘tidy days’ ahead of me! But I also know that somehow I don’t think I’ll love it as much as I imagine!…..(you know..that whole empty nest thing!)

In the mean time, I’ll just work harder at closing those doors and breathing deeply….(repeat after me….”it’s only a bit of unorganised chaos…it’s only a bit of unorganised chaos.”)

(Definitely ‘no’ pictures shall accompany this particular blog!!!!!)

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