The art of furniture rearranging …and a mind that just won’t let it go !

Once, (or maybe twice,) a year I get the urge to rearrange the furniture in the house…and I’m not talking just changing a picture frame or cushion here and there..I’m talking lots of heavy lifting, and a lot of mess before things get to look good again. This afternoon was one of those times!!! I can still hear my family groaning, and wondering what the hell is wrong with their mother!!

It’s just in my DNA! If I think for a minute about ‘MAYBE’ moving that chair to another room…. Then it’s on!!! I become consumed with ideas about where things can go to create a different look…and I seriously cannot get my mind around anything else till I’ve done it! You don’t need to tell me…. It’s ridiculous…I know.  But it actually fills my head, maybe that’s a statement about how empty it is at other times….(bit sad).

Anyway , so as I said, this afternoon was one of those afternoons. It was actually the perfect afternoon to do it… Warm spring day, clouding over to a beautiful spring shower of rain. Warm enough to have all the doors open…( easy access for removal of unwanted furniture…or easy  to get it outside until I can find a space to return it to.)

So with a bit of help with the lifting, a bit of vacuuming spaces that hadn’t seen a vacuum for a while… A bit of polishing and plumping of cushions , things are looking good again. At least my mind is clear again…if only for another few months until the urge hits me again!!!……OH , and if anyone’s in the market for a table and chairs , I have some that I just can’t fit back into my house!!!!! ( but then again, isn’t that what sheds are for?)…….don’t even get me started on the state of our shed!!!!

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