The importance of a Coffee, or tea..whatever!

I have been having a regular coffee morning one time each week I think since 2004, when the twins were in Year 1. 11 years later, I’m still doing it, sometimes at the same coffee shop at our local shops , even though that cafe has been through numerous changes. It’s become a once a week thing for me, the days have changed, the faces have changed, but it is still just as important.

Originally, myself and a group of mums started meeting at what was “Carlo’s’,  at Watson shops. Our children were all friends at the time, and our mornings were a time to drink coffee, whinge, celebrate birthdays, but mostly just chat about our children, and how wonderful or annoying they were, depending on what had happened that week! That same group met every week till our girls left Year 6 and went to High school. After that , some of the group went back to work full-time, so our coffee morning sadly ended.

However, the “old mums” as I refer to them lovingly, (nothing to do with our ages,...just the amount of time I’ve known them’...are still very important to me, and we catch up once a term for dinner out with other “old mums” from the same time. With our children now in Year 12, that’s quite a long time to have a regular dinner date!  Years and years! And we congratulate ourselves each time we manage to get together!!

So, … as my first regular Coffee morning date with the “old mums” ended,  another group based around friendships of my younger daughter started up , and filled the spot perfectly.

A different group of mums….but we still chat about the same things. You would think it would get boring always discussing our families and kids,  but not for me! And there’s always other people’s families and kids to discuss..(really…would we ever do that???…)

We all look forward to each Tuesday morning after school drop off. Sometimes we keep it local, sometimes we venture far afield. We don’t like rude wait staff, we do like stylish decor and yummy breakfasts.

It’s a way to get the things out of our head that have been taking up space, a way to celebrate our wins and commiserate  our losses. Talking it through often results in a new way of seeing things, or gives us a pat on the back for how we’ve handled something. Our families are all very different, but our wishes and hopes for them are the same.

So next time you see a group of mums having coffee together, don’t think for a minute they are just slacking off..seriously, they are participating in an important conference , planning their upcoming targets, and reviewing outcomes of the past week. It’s a tough job…but someone”s gotta do it!

“The Knox Made in Watson”, was this mornings choice of Coffee spot….was great..only just opened, keep up the good work!

2 thoughts on “The importance of a Coffee, or tea..whatever!

  1. So true it made me all teary. Wouldn’t miss Tuesdays for quids – thanks for being such a wonderful ‘coffee buddy’ for all these years! xx


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