Farewell Primary School, hello world…..

Tomorrow the kids go back to school for the last term of 2015. This is a big term for our family. For the twins it’s their last bit of Year 12, and for our younger daughter it’s the last term of Primary School. Next year will be big steps for all of them, and us as parents.

We have had a child at our local Primary school since 2003, and we have been so lucky to live close enough that they could walk everyday since Kindergarten…..end of the street, across the oval and they were there, so it will be strange to not have someone heading off out the door each morning to walk to school.

Next year she will head off to High School on the bus as her sisters did before her. The saga of lost bus passes, and wallets left on the bus begins again! As does another 4 years of Concert Band performances, (love, and loathe at the same time! ) But it’s something about school kids and music, gets me every time! They can go on and on and on some evenings, but at times they can also bring tears to my eyes at how beautiful it is to see over 100 teenagers playing amazing music together, and how much they all love their Band teachers.

The twins are already filling out their choices for universities and such for next year.  I seriously don’t know where those two years of College went!

As parents we can suggest, and offer our opinions , and secretly have our wishes about what they might end up doing, but in reality as long as they are happy and safe, all will be well…. What will be , will be!! GULP!

But moving out of home at some stage though would be a good idea!!!

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