Just walking and talking….

This evening we all, (husband, 3 girls and myself),went for a walk…not to get anywhere particular , not to exercise, not to walk the dog, but just to walk! We don’t do it often enough. Yes there were the sighs of “Do we have to?…” but everyone soon got over themselves and were happy enough.

Maybe you need to be on holidays with nothing else to do to really get the chance to just walk…We didn’t have a plan as to where we were walking, but just turned corners as we felt like it. We ended up following the path around the bay at Tweed Heads, along Duranbah , and up to Point Danger, we then walked up little streets in Rainbow Bay, ending up at Rainbow Surf Club then back over Greenmount Hill.

The tide was moving swiftly in the river, so we had strange discussions about how you would swim across and how terrifying it would be. The water from the river collides with the water from the ocean and creates the dangerous looking currents…. Husband remembered the time he saw a dog struggling in the same river,….all was good and the dog survived!!

We discussed the old Queenslander house, with its fibro sheet walls, peeling painted timber windows and green tin roof, and how it had been surrounded by the tall unit blocks on either side. Would we rather live in the house or the units?

We discussed the Frangipani trees coming back into leaf, and how odd they look with their knobbly branches. And we admired the Casuarinas and their lovely soft green-grey colour.

Then we discussed the ‘dedication plaques’ on the railings along the “Centaur Remembrance Walk” that honour ships lost at sea….amazing to see how many and where they were sunk…

We discussed how Point Danger got its name…(A warning to other sailors by Captain Cook on his 1770 journey up the East coast)…

So our walk covered discussions of Real estate, surviving rough water, sunken ships, as well as other interesting bits such as Camper trailers parking in spots with great views, bush turkeys with weird feathers , whether or not we would be brave enough to sleep amongst the trees on the hill with no camping equipment, how a kite looked like a bird, how weird the sign was in someone’s driveway that said “Never park here!” and as we neared home, whether we would be home in time to watch the start of the Grand Final, and what time we would order takeaway for dinner…oh well ..all interesting walks have a final destination.

Just walking and talking....

Just walking and talking….

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