Walking up to D’bah

Today, (October 1st), was my Mum and Dad’s 55th wedding anniversary. Very impressive! Love you both xx

They are holidaying with us at Coolangatta for a few days, so for their anniversary today we walked up the hill to the D’bah cafe. Such a beautiful spot, and the food is delicious .

This morning once again the whales were putting on a show. A large pod made their way past in the early morning… They were lovely. I was so glad my Dad spotted them… Binoculars are a necessity on a balcony at the coast … Great also for trying to see our kids down on the sand, or husband when he’s surfing.

But back to my Mum and Dad. 55 years … How great is that!!! I am so happy they are able to spend some holiday time with us, and I know they love spending time with our girls. We are so lucky!!! Thanks to Coolangatta for putting on such a beautiful day for them xxX

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad xxx


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