How could it be Friday again?

Lately Fridays seem to be coming around so, so quickly…I blink my eyes and the week has zipped past and it’s Friday again. It’s crazy!

It’s about to become November and already the calendar is full of the planned comings and goings of everyone in our family, from the 1st till the 30th there are so many things happening. And just for those in this household who will say  that they didn’t know what was happening…”Read the calendar people!” don’t say you weren’t pre warned.

Our activities for the coming month are very varied, but I am glad to say there are times when we cross paths, so there are ‘some times‘ that we will be doing ‘some things‘ together.

Tonight our youngest is off on a sleepover, she said goodbye this morning and will go straight from school, (will see her tomorrow bout lunchtime), our eldest 2 have a party tonight, (will see them tomorrow lunch time also)… Saturday night will be Halloween for the youngest , she’ll be out n about with her friends trick or treating, again the other 2 will be out at a party ..(it has been the year of the 18th birthday party).

Needless to say, husband and I will be at home, monitoring the comings and goings.Making sure everyone knows how to get where they are going, and how they will get home. “Do you need money?” ” We will get you if you need us.” ” Don’t get in a car with anyone who’s been drinking. ” “Do you need a jacket?” “What’s the address?” “Who else is going?”……There’s a million questions , (the same ones every time), but we always go through them before they head out. I am sure they give the same answers each time , but hopefully they know we go through the process because we love them.

Other activities through the month include, a mums weekend away (Yay!), tickets to Steven Fry live on stage, a school band concert, orthodontist visits, 4  x year 12 formals to prepare for, (2 are the girls own, 2 they are partnering boys from other schools), the dreaded “schoolies” trip, and of course, if the girls can manage to schedule time to actually finish Year 12,then that would be good too!

So it looks like the busy run till Christmas is already upon us, but I’ve always said that everyone needs something to look forward to… It’ll all be fine if everyone can just now and again…”Read the calendar people!”

The messy teenage bedroom..

What to do… when I like to have our house looking tidy, and most of the time it does…but venture past the doors of our children’s bedrooms and it’s truly, truly hideous for much of the time!…does it really matter…no!….but does it annoy me….immensely!!!

I think back to when I was a teenager and I’m sure my bedroom never got to the hideous state my daughters bedrooms do. Maybe I just don’t remember…but I really don’t think it was ever really terrible. Yes I remember having clean up sessions with my sister where we would get things back it order, but they were done and dusted in 5 minutes. To properly tidy up my daughters bedroom, takes a whole day…really!!!

Its a clash of mindsets…I believe that you function better in a tidy organised space….it has to be true!! For me to sit down and write something I need clean space, in a clean room, otherwise it just doesn’t happen. I cannot imagine sitting down in a room surrounded by mess, and attempting to write an essay…but they have shown me it can be done!  But I cannot let go of the idea that it could probably be done better in a tidy room…(I’m just saying!)

I also struggle with the concept that you can do homework with headphones in and listening to music, or having the constant buzz of a phone by your side. However apparently todays students cope perfectly well..good luck to them. I have learnt to let that one go…..but the actual state of the rooms I don’t think I will ever be able to let that go.

I get that it’s really my problem…and that I should just shut their doors and never think of it again..but it’s impossible for me! Why should it matter? I should just quickly open the door, throw their clean clothes in, and never speak of it again! Only their friends go in there, not mine. I don’t have to sit in there, or relax in there…but STILL I KNOW IT’S THERE! GRRRR!

I know there will come a day when they leave home, and their rooms will be after day after day … no bath towels on the floor, no freshly ironed clothes jumbled with ..well, NOT freshly ironed clothes. There will be a time when their beds will be beautifully made, and the pillows perfectly positioned all the time. There will be no assignments scattered everywhere except on a desk, no fake tan splotches in the bathroom, ….their bedroom doors will stay open and proud!!  I know there are ‘tidy days’ ahead of me! But I also know that somehow I don’t think I’ll love it as much as I imagine!…..(you know..that whole empty nest thing!)

In the mean time, I’ll just work harder at closing those doors and breathing deeply….(repeat after me….”it’s only a bit of unorganised chaos…it’s only a bit of unorganised chaos.”)

(Definitely ‘no’ pictures shall accompany this particular blog!!!!!)

The art of furniture rearranging …and a mind that just won’t let it go !

Once, (or maybe twice,) a year I get the urge to rearrange the furniture in the house…and I’m not talking just changing a picture frame or cushion here and there..I’m talking lots of heavy lifting, and a lot of mess before things get to look good again. This afternoon was one of those times!!! I can still hear my family groaning, and wondering what the hell is wrong with their mother!!

It’s just in my DNA! If I think for a minute about ‘MAYBE’ moving that chair to another room…. Then it’s on!!! I become consumed with ideas about where things can go to create a different look…and I seriously cannot get my mind around anything else till I’ve done it! You don’t need to tell me…. It’s ridiculous…I know.  But it actually fills my head, maybe that’s a statement about how empty it is at other times….(bit sad).

Anyway , so as I said, this afternoon was one of those afternoons. It was actually the perfect afternoon to do it… Warm spring day, clouding over to a beautiful spring shower of rain. Warm enough to have all the doors open…( easy access for removal of unwanted furniture…or easy  to get it outside until I can find a space to return it to.)

So with a bit of help with the lifting, a bit of vacuuming spaces that hadn’t seen a vacuum for a while… A bit of polishing and plumping of cushions , things are looking good again. At least my mind is clear again…if only for another few months until the urge hits me again!!!……OH , and if anyone’s in the market for a table and chairs , I have some that I just can’t fit back into my house!!!!! ( but then again, isn’t that what sheds are for?)…….don’t even get me started on the state of our shed!!!!

The importance of a Coffee, or tea..whatever!

I have been having a regular coffee morning one time each week I think since 2004, when the twins were in Year 1. 11 years later, I’m still doing it, sometimes at the same coffee shop at our local shops , even though that cafe has been through numerous changes. It’s become a once a week thing for me, the days have changed, the faces have changed, but it is still just as important.

Originally, myself and a group of mums started meeting at what was “Carlo’s’,  at Watson shops. Our children were all friends at the time, and our mornings were a time to drink coffee, whinge, celebrate birthdays, but mostly just chat about our children, and how wonderful or annoying they were, depending on what had happened that week! That same group met every week till our girls left Year 6 and went to High school. After that , some of the group went back to work full-time, so our coffee morning sadly ended.

However, the “old mums” as I refer to them lovingly, (nothing to do with our ages,...just the amount of time I’ve known them’...are still very important to me, and we catch up once a term for dinner out with other “old mums” from the same time. With our children now in Year 12, that’s quite a long time to have a regular dinner date!  Years and years! And we congratulate ourselves each time we manage to get together!!

So, … as my first regular Coffee morning date with the “old mums” ended,  another group based around friendships of my younger daughter started up , and filled the spot perfectly.

A different group of mums….but we still chat about the same things. You would think it would get boring always discussing our families and kids,  but not for me! And there’s always other people’s families and kids to discuss..(really…would we ever do that???…)

We all look forward to each Tuesday morning after school drop off. Sometimes we keep it local, sometimes we venture far afield. We don’t like rude wait staff, we do like stylish decor and yummy breakfasts.

It’s a way to get the things out of our head that have been taking up space, a way to celebrate our wins and commiserate  our losses. Talking it through often results in a new way of seeing things, or gives us a pat on the back for how we’ve handled something. Our families are all very different, but our wishes and hopes for them are the same.

So next time you see a group of mums having coffee together, don’t think for a minute they are just slacking off..seriously, they are participating in an important conference , planning their upcoming targets, and reviewing outcomes of the past week. It’s a tough job…but someone”s gotta do it!

“The Knox Made in Watson”, was this mornings choice of Coffee spot….was great..only just opened, keep up the good work!

Farewell Primary School, hello world…..

Tomorrow the kids go back to school for the last term of 2015. This is a big term for our family. For the twins it’s their last bit of Year 12, and for our younger daughter it’s the last term of Primary School. Next year will be big steps for all of them, and us as parents.

We have had a child at our local Primary school since 2003, and we have been so lucky to live close enough that they could walk everyday since Kindergarten…..end of the street, across the oval and they were there, so it will be strange to not have someone heading off out the door each morning to walk to school.

Next year she will head off to High School on the bus as her sisters did before her. The saga of lost bus passes, and wallets left on the bus begins again! As does another 4 years of Concert Band performances, (love, and loathe at the same time! ) But it’s something about school kids and music, gets me every time! They can go on and on and on some evenings, but at times they can also bring tears to my eyes at how beautiful it is to see over 100 teenagers playing amazing music together, and how much they all love their Band teachers.

The twins are already filling out their choices for universities and such for next year.  I seriously don’t know where those two years of College went!

As parents we can suggest, and offer our opinions , and secretly have our wishes about what they might end up doing, but in reality as long as they are happy and safe, all will be well…. What will be , will be!! GULP!

But moving out of home at some stage though would be a good idea!!!

Just walking and talking….

This evening we all, (husband, 3 girls and myself),went for a walk…not to get anywhere particular , not to exercise, not to walk the dog, but just to walk! We don’t do it often enough. Yes there were the sighs of “Do we have to?…” but everyone soon got over themselves and were happy enough.

Maybe you need to be on holidays with nothing else to do to really get the chance to just walk…We didn’t have a plan as to where we were walking, but just turned corners as we felt like it. We ended up following the path around the bay at Tweed Heads, along Duranbah , and up to Point Danger, we then walked up little streets in Rainbow Bay, ending up at Rainbow Surf Club then back over Greenmount Hill.

The tide was moving swiftly in the river, so we had strange discussions about how you would swim across and how terrifying it would be. The water from the river collides with the water from the ocean and creates the dangerous looking currents…. Husband remembered the time he saw a dog struggling in the same river,….all was good and the dog survived!!

We discussed the old Queenslander house, with its fibro sheet walls, peeling painted timber windows and green tin roof, and how it had been surrounded by the tall unit blocks on either side. Would we rather live in the house or the units?

We discussed the Frangipani trees coming back into leaf, and how odd they look with their knobbly branches. And we admired the Casuarinas and their lovely soft green-grey colour.

Then we discussed the ‘dedication plaques’ on the railings along the “Centaur Remembrance Walk” that honour ships lost at sea….amazing to see how many and where they were sunk…

We discussed how Point Danger got its name…(A warning to other sailors by Captain Cook on his 1770 journey up the East coast)…

So our walk covered discussions of Real estate, surviving rough water, sunken ships, as well as other interesting bits such as Camper trailers parking in spots with great views, bush turkeys with weird feathers , whether or not we would be brave enough to sleep amongst the trees on the hill with no camping equipment, how a kite looked like a bird, how weird the sign was in someone’s driveway that said “Never park here!” and as we neared home, whether we would be home in time to watch the start of the Grand Final, and what time we would order takeaway for dinner…oh well ..all interesting walks have a final destination.

Just walking and talking....

Just walking and talking….

Walking up to D’bah

Today, (October 1st), was my Mum and Dad’s 55th wedding anniversary. Very impressive! Love you both xx

They are holidaying with us at Coolangatta for a few days, so for their anniversary today we walked up the hill to the D’bah cafe. Such a beautiful spot, and the food is delicious .

This morning once again the whales were putting on a show. A large pod made their way past in the early morning… They were lovely. I was so glad my Dad spotted them… Binoculars are a necessity on a balcony at the coast … Great also for trying to see our kids down on the sand, or husband when he’s surfing.

But back to my Mum and Dad. 55 years … How great is that!!! I am so happy they are able to spend some holiday time with us, and I know they love spending time with our girls. We are so lucky!!! Thanks to Coolangatta for putting on such a beautiful day for them xxX

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad xxx