Enjoying the holidays

View from our balcony..

View from our balcony..

Have had a few days of holiday already and all is lovely. At the moment I am sitting on the balcony overlooking Coolangatta Beach, while the rest of the family still snoozes, (it’s only 7.30am, but the sun seems to be up so early here , you are often awake from 6am.) For a family that likes a sleep in, (except my husband), it does seem a shame to be lying in bed when the sun is out and glistening on the waves. …Gorgeous!

Coolangatta Beach is my favourite place to be. It’s our home away from home, and the kids love it here. It’s a place  that I holidayed at as a child, and an area my husband grew up in, so I love the fact they we have been able to share it with our kids.

It is a place that makes you want to get out and go for a walk. You can head north up to Kirra, and follow the footpaths round the point , great cafes once you get there, or you can head south and around Greenmount to Rainbow, and Snapper Rocks. The view from Greenmount across the bay to Surfers Paradise is truly fantastic. At the moment the headland walk is closed off for some landscaping renovations….sad!!! But you can still go up and over by following the steps and you’ll get to Rainbow. In my opinion, Rainbow Surf Club at sunset is the best place on earth to be. A glass of wine and packet of chips, …life doesn’t get any better! The silhouettes of the surfers in the water, as the sun goes down is beautiful!

Yesterday we watched as whales had a splash out off Greenmount. Yes they are not much more than specks in the distance, but it is still exciting to spot the spray of water in the air, and then see their humped back roll out and disappear under again,or their tails smashing down on the water…At this time of year they are travelling back south, so you can follow them as they move along down the beach, and then turn the corner out of sight.  How special is that!!!

While here, our conversations change as we discuss “How far the tide has gone out today, …which way the wind is blowing, …..where’s the best spot to sit on the beach today ,….or which direction shall we walk today?” Our clothes change as well, …it is unlikely I would wander to the shops in Watson in a flowing Kaftan…but here it’s all good. !!

We are so lucky to have this spot to come and visit, and while I love our house in Watson, we are truly blessed to be able to spend time here as well. Here’s to the next week and a half of doing things differently, and taking a moment to just enjoy the view…xxxx

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