School holidays…

I know for many mums and dads, school holidays are a time for dread!… Organising activities or child minding…. Have to say  though that I’ve always loved the holidays. Just not having to pack school lunches is a joy!!! Although unfortunately they still do need to be fed during the day!!! There’s a lot of fridge opening and staring into , that goes on…”What can I eat ?” is heard a thousand times a day!!!

The July and Xmas holidays are the best, as the older kids have no school work to complete during these times, these October holidays still see them with assignments hanging over their heads unfortunately .

When the older two were little we could pack up for holidays and head off no worries….things are a bit different now! They both have part time jobs , so they can’t be away from those for too long… Plus there are friends and boyfriends to consider. As a parent it’s tough to realise that they would probably rather spend time with them, than with their mum and dad!!! But then again, I’d be worried if they only wanted to hang around us!

So holidays need to be scheduled carefully so as to get a balance between spending time together as a family , and spending time with friends. Different priorities,but we work it out, and try to keep everyone happy.

Anyway, so we head off, albeit at different times for our family holiday next week. But by the end of the week we will all be at the beach, hopefully enjoying some warmer weather and some “together time”….

Before we go though , there’s the house to get tidied for the house/ dog sitter, clothes to wash, bags to pack , and kids to get  organised ….by the time that’s done, we will all be ready for a holiday!!!! Can’t wait….!


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