That place on the kitchen bench !

I think it exists on everyone’s kitchen bench somewhere, often near the phone as  it is at our place. It’s that spot where all missing papers and documents have a last chance of being found when needed. The “go to” spot where you realise a bill needs paying, or a note needs to be signed for school. There’s usually a spare pen, a scribbled phone number or two, a ticket to something , but the majority of it is stuff that has arrived in the mail and needs to be dealt with at some stage, by some one!

It’s messy, even after I’ve sorted through it , it’s still messy, I never get to the stage where it’s all cleared away….never!  It’s kind of like the physical evidence of the constant lists in your head of what needs to be done to keep the household running.

Maybe I need to allocate just 5 minutes each day to deal with it…surely then it would stay organised and under control..surely then there wouldn’t be that occasional bill that is late to be paid due to the fact that it’s hiding amongst other papers.

Currently our “pile of stuff” also contains one of those very popular at the moment, “grown up colouring books”… They are meant to relax you as you take a moment of your day to just “sit and reflect and colour in..” Sounds lovely”

But in reality, my colouring book just sits there and reminds me that I should be colouring it in!!! It’s become just another thing that I need to do! And I’m pretty sure that’s the opposite of how it’s meant to make me feel!! Oh well,  the coloured pencils do look pretty when they are all sharpened and ready to go, and I’m sure that one day I’ll sit and colour!!!!…..(maybe when that pile of papers n stuff disappears!) xxxx

"Relaxing, mind clearing" colouring book, amongst the "pile of stuff.." !!

“Relaxing, mind clearing” colouring book, amongst the “pile of stuff..” !!

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