A “stay at home” mum…and loving it!

I’ve been a “stay at home” mum, (for want of a better term), ever since my first babies were born….18 years ago!!! To some people that will be shocking!!! How could I not want to get back into the workforce and continue my career? I was a teacher and I did love it…. But in reality this is what I always wanted to do, and it makes me happy, and so far it’s made my family happy.

I’ve always thought of it as my “job”, and I’ve treated it as you would any another job. Yes it will horrify some women and men, to know that I really get enjoyment and satisfaction from having a tidy house, cooking delicious dinners , packing my kids lunches EVERY morning, making sure everyone has clean and ironed clothes, making beds, vacuuming etc, etc and the list goes on and on and on!! It’s my type of chosen employment, the pay is pretty terrible, but the job satisfaction is huge! For me it’s been the best job ever!!!

I know I have it easy in that my gorgeous husband has never made me feel like I should be bringing in the dollars. He works his butt off to provide financially for us all….and does a more than fabulous job of it!!! But on the reverse side, I know that he appreciates coming home to a comfortable house, with dinner organised…..and NO he doesn’t have slippers and a pipe waiting for him!!!! ( I’ll have to train the dogs to do that!) It’s just that I do my job, and he does his. So far it’s worked for us all..

Yes, I do wonder if it has been the best role model for my daughters. They are surrounded by other mums that work both in and out of the home, and have raised wonderful children. No doubt my children have wondered why I’m the annoying mum who is always at home, cramping their style!!! But still…. It’s what I love!

Yes, the time is probably nearing when I’ll get back into the paid workforce. But I honestly have loved every minute of  “Staying at home “. I always imagined that this is how my life would pan out with children, and I count my blessings that it’s worked out this way .. I’ve totally had the perfect job for the last 18 years, yes, my three (much younger than me!!!) employers have been very demanding of my time, requiring lots of unpaid overtime, with little positive feedback! But they’ve really been the best bosses ever!! ….(am not sure how they will go writing a job “reference” for me though!)…..should be an interesting read.

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