Shopping for Birthday presents..

Some people hate it , but I really like shopping for birthday presents for my friends and family. I take it on as a personal challenge to find them a present that they will really, really love, and I’m not happy until I find it! Generally if I look and think hard enough something will pop into my head or I’ll come across something I hadn’t thought of that will be perfect. The hardest person to buy for I think is my husband….he stumps me every time , whereas he usually secretly buys something fabulous for me when it’s my birthday. Although I always feel nervous when opening presents from him…but have to say he rarely gets it wrong.

I was shopping today for an 18th birthday present . 18 year olds today are much harder to buy for than way, way, back when I was 18! Boys especially…. Turning 18 is kind of like turning 21 was back in the “olden days”…so I kind of wanted to get something that he would keep ….but nothing too personal or anything that he would think was “weird”!!

Way , way back when you would turn 21, boys would get presents like silver beer steins, (engraved….classy!), or a GOOD sturdy thermos, …..somehow I don’t think that would cut it as today’s present!! I can remember getting crystal vases, jewellery, wine glasses, picture frames, a jewellery box…( much of which I still have today, years and years on..)

Anyway, hopefully he will like his present and get to use it when he eventually moves out….and what did I get him?… Can’t say yet..he hasn’t unwrapped it yet.

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