A Day spent in the Garden…

Although the washing and ironing is piled high, we spent the day working in the garden, weeding, trimming and sweeping up enough garden clippings to fill the trash pak twice. Today was a beautiful Spring day, and the garden is about to bloom into Life, so it was now or never to get it ready. A full day later and it looks much better. Makes me want to visit the nursery and put in some new plants, but realistically I can barely maintain the ones we have! I’d like to think I’m a gardener, but it’s hard work…. And at times it’s a choice …. Keep inside the house organised and tidy or outside the house organised and tidy !! I can never seem to manage both … Anyway , this afternoon the front yard looks great…now to deal with the washing and ironing, and do the groceries for the week,…and clean the kids bathroom…. And so the week begins again!!!…..but it’s all good ….

image     image

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