Enjoying the holidays

View from our balcony..

View from our balcony..

Have had a few days of holiday already and all is lovely. At the moment I am sitting on the balcony overlooking Coolangatta Beach, while the rest of the family still snoozes, (it’s only 7.30am, but the sun seems to be up so early here , you are often awake from 6am.) For a family that likes a sleep in, (except my husband), it does seem a shame to be lying in bed when the sun is out and glistening on the waves. …Gorgeous!

Coolangatta Beach is my favourite place to be. It’s our home away from home, and the kids love it here. It’s a place  that I holidayed at as a child, and an area my husband grew up in, so I love the fact they we have been able to share it with our kids.

It is a place that makes you want to get out and go for a walk. You can head north up to Kirra, and follow the footpaths round the point , great cafes once you get there, or you can head south and around Greenmount to Rainbow, and Snapper Rocks. The view from Greenmount across the bay to Surfers Paradise is truly fantastic. At the moment the headland walk is closed off for some landscaping renovations….sad!!! But you can still go up and over by following the steps and you’ll get to Rainbow. In my opinion, Rainbow Surf Club at sunset is the best place on earth to be. A glass of wine and packet of chips, …life doesn’t get any better! The silhouettes of the surfers in the water, as the sun goes down is beautiful!

Yesterday we watched as whales had a splash out off Greenmount. Yes they are not much more than specks in the distance, but it is still exciting to spot the spray of water in the air, and then see their humped back roll out and disappear under again,or their tails smashing down on the water…At this time of year they are travelling back south, so you can follow them as they move along down the beach, and then turn the corner out of sight.  How special is that!!!

While here, our conversations change as we discuss “How far the tide has gone out today, …which way the wind is blowing, …..where’s the best spot to sit on the beach today ,….or which direction shall we walk today?” Our clothes change as well, …it is unlikely I would wander to the shops in Watson in a flowing Kaftan…but here it’s all good. !!

We are so lucky to have this spot to come and visit, and while I love our house in Watson, we are truly blessed to be able to spend time here as well. Here’s to the next week and a half of doing things differently, and taking a moment to just enjoy the view…xxxx

School holidays…

I know for many mums and dads, school holidays are a time for dread!… Organising activities or child minding…. Have to say  though that I’ve always loved the holidays. Just not having to pack school lunches is a joy!!! Although unfortunately they still do need to be fed during the day!!! There’s a lot of fridge opening and staring into , that goes on…”What can I eat ?” is heard a thousand times a day!!!

The July and Xmas holidays are the best, as the older kids have no school work to complete during these times, these October holidays still see them with assignments hanging over their heads unfortunately .

When the older two were little we could pack up for holidays and head off no worries….things are a bit different now! They both have part time jobs , so they can’t be away from those for too long… Plus there are friends and boyfriends to consider. As a parent it’s tough to realise that they would probably rather spend time with them, than with their mum and dad!!! But then again, I’d be worried if they only wanted to hang around us!

So holidays need to be scheduled carefully so as to get a balance between spending time together as a family , and spending time with friends. Different priorities,but we work it out, and try to keep everyone happy.

Anyway, so we head off, albeit at different times for our family holiday next week. But by the end of the week we will all be at the beach, hopefully enjoying some warmer weather and some “together time”….

Before we go though , there’s the house to get tidied for the house/ dog sitter, clothes to wash, bags to pack , and kids to get  organised ….by the time that’s done, we will all be ready for a holiday!!!! Can’t wait….!


That place on the kitchen bench !

I think it exists on everyone’s kitchen bench somewhere, often near the phone as  it is at our place. It’s that spot where all missing papers and documents have a last chance of being found when needed. The “go to” spot where you realise a bill needs paying, or a note needs to be signed for school. There’s usually a spare pen, a scribbled phone number or two, a ticket to something , but the majority of it is stuff that has arrived in the mail and needs to be dealt with at some stage, by some one!

It’s messy, even after I’ve sorted through it , it’s still messy, I never get to the stage where it’s all cleared away….never!  It’s kind of like the physical evidence of the constant lists in your head of what needs to be done to keep the household running.

Maybe I need to allocate just 5 minutes each day to deal with it…surely then it would stay organised and under control..surely then there wouldn’t be that occasional bill that is late to be paid due to the fact that it’s hiding amongst other papers.

Currently our “pile of stuff” also contains one of those very popular at the moment, “grown up colouring books”… They are meant to relax you as you take a moment of your day to just “sit and reflect and colour in..” Sounds lovely”

But in reality, my colouring book just sits there and reminds me that I should be colouring it in!!! It’s become just another thing that I need to do! And I’m pretty sure that’s the opposite of how it’s meant to make me feel!! Oh well,  the coloured pencils do look pretty when they are all sharpened and ready to go, and I’m sure that one day I’ll sit and colour!!!!…..(maybe when that pile of papers n stuff disappears!) xxxx

"Relaxing, mind clearing" colouring book, amongst the "pile of stuff.." !!

“Relaxing, mind clearing” colouring book, amongst the “pile of stuff..” !!

A “stay at home” mum…and loving it!

I’ve been a “stay at home” mum, (for want of a better term), ever since my first babies were born….18 years ago!!! To some people that will be shocking!!! How could I not want to get back into the workforce and continue my career? I was a teacher and I did love it…. But in reality this is what I always wanted to do, and it makes me happy, and so far it’s made my family happy.

I’ve always thought of it as my “job”, and I’ve treated it as you would any another job. Yes it will horrify some women and men, to know that I really get enjoyment and satisfaction from having a tidy house, cooking delicious dinners , packing my kids lunches EVERY morning, making sure everyone has clean and ironed clothes, making beds, vacuuming etc, etc and the list goes on and on and on!! It’s my type of chosen employment, the pay is pretty terrible, but the job satisfaction is huge! For me it’s been the best job ever!!!

I know I have it easy in that my gorgeous husband has never made me feel like I should be bringing in the dollars. He works his butt off to provide financially for us all….and does a more than fabulous job of it!!! But on the reverse side, I know that he appreciates coming home to a comfortable house, with dinner organised…..and NO he doesn’t have slippers and a pipe waiting for him!!!! ( I’ll have to train the dogs to do that!) It’s just that I do my job, and he does his. So far it’s worked for us all..

Yes, I do wonder if it has been the best role model for my daughters. They are surrounded by other mums that work both in and out of the home, and have raised wonderful children. No doubt my children have wondered why I’m the annoying mum who is always at home, cramping their style!!! But still…. It’s what I love!

Yes, the time is probably nearing when I’ll get back into the paid workforce. But I honestly have loved every minute of  “Staying at home “. I always imagined that this is how my life would pan out with children, and I count my blessings that it’s worked out this way .. I’ve totally had the perfect job for the last 18 years, yes, my three (much younger than me!!!) employers have been very demanding of my time, requiring lots of unpaid overtime, with little positive feedback! But they’ve really been the best bosses ever!! ….(am not sure how they will go writing a job “reference” for me though!)…..should be an interesting read.

Shopping for Birthday presents..

Some people hate it , but I really like shopping for birthday presents for my friends and family. I take it on as a personal challenge to find them a present that they will really, really love, and I’m not happy until I find it! Generally if I look and think hard enough something will pop into my head or I’ll come across something I hadn’t thought of that will be perfect. The hardest person to buy for I think is my husband….he stumps me every time , whereas he usually secretly buys something fabulous for me when it’s my birthday. Although I always feel nervous when opening presents from him…but have to say he rarely gets it wrong.

I was shopping today for an 18th birthday present . 18 year olds today are much harder to buy for than way, way, back when I was 18! Boys especially…. Turning 18 is kind of like turning 21 was back in the “olden days”…so I kind of wanted to get something that he would keep ….but nothing too personal or anything that he would think was “weird”!!

Way , way back when you would turn 21, boys would get presents like silver beer steins, (engraved….classy!), or a GOOD sturdy thermos, …..somehow I don’t think that would cut it as today’s present!! I can remember getting crystal vases, jewellery, wine glasses, picture frames, a jewellery box…( much of which I still have today, years and years on..)

Anyway, hopefully he will like his present and get to use it when he eventually moves out….and what did I get him?… Can’t say yet..he hasn’t unwrapped it yet.

A Day spent in the Garden…

Although the washing and ironing is piled high, we spent the day working in the garden, weeding, trimming and sweeping up enough garden clippings to fill the trash pak twice. Today was a beautiful Spring day, and the garden is about to bloom into Life, so it was now or never to get it ready. A full day later and it looks much better. Makes me want to visit the nursery and put in some new plants, but realistically I can barely maintain the ones we have! I’d like to think I’m a gardener, but it’s hard work…. And at times it’s a choice …. Keep inside the house organised and tidy or outside the house organised and tidy !! I can never seem to manage both … Anyway , this afternoon the front yard looks great…now to deal with the washing and ironing, and do the groceries for the week,…and clean the kids bathroom…. And so the week begins again!!!…..but it’s all good ….

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