Welcome to my life in Watson. It’s a pretty normal life, but it suits me. It’s been a “Stay at home mum”, kinda life for the last 18 years, during which we’ve acquired 3 gorgeous daughters, (including twins), and 2 fluffy dogs, (who were preceded by 2 rabbits, numerous Guinea pigs, goldfish, and sea monkeys….(which never seemed to thrive despite the love and care devoted to them…the sea monkeys that is…the other animals survived quite well) .

Despite not being born here, we’ve made Watson our home. And even though the husband and I both refer to “home” as being where our own individual parents live, our girls are definitely Watson girls… their heart lies in the Inner North.

We live in a close knit and caring community, with great neighbours , great schools and great spaces….even great local shops, where if you think you can get away with popping in looking less than your best…think again..you are guaranteed to run into someone you know! So people …I’m begging you …leave the Pjs and slippers at home!! You will be spotted!!! … And now maybe written about!

This blog will be about our lives in Watson, things we notice, people we know , things that happen, and the normal stuff that goes on in a busy family of five , (seven with the dogs)…. I hope you can join me sometimes as I tell my story, I’m not sure where it will lead, but you’re welcome to check in sometime….

Watsonmum xxxx

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